Bright and Beautiful Bedding Collection


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Bright and beautiful bedding plant favourites at their best! Fill your garden with this beautiful garden ready collection of dahlias, lobelia and lobelia. Easy to grow, and loved by all ages, this collection offers a riot of summer colour. A lovely long flowering season right up until first frosts of Autumn. The collection – Dahlia Figaro Mix Dazzling and luxurious double and semi-double flowers create a blaze of bright summer colour. These dwarf classics have a compact, bushy habit – great for lavish bedding schemes and containers.Each plant produces a mass of flowers, often revealing a yellow centre as they age. They are perfect for pots and planters, or in borders dotted around to fill in gaps and as colourful and neat edging plants for pathways and borders. They’ll form tidy clumps and all you’ll need to do is deadhead them to keep the flowers coming. Lobelia Crystal Palace Blue Lobelia ‘Crystal Palace’ is the perfect filler plant for pots, planters and tubs, or even large scale border plantings. It’s mix of blue and purples, plastered with hundreds if not thousands of flowers, creates a lovely frothy and delicate contrast to larger flowered petunias and geraniums. Verbena Quartz Mix Verbena are a really good little filler plant, their masses of small delicate pink, red, purple and white flowers, each with a small white eye, seemingly smother any gaps in baskets, pots, tubs and borders.’Quartz’ F1 series has exceptional resistance to mildew, so is easy and trouble free, and performs well in hot and drought conditions too. Thriving in full hot sun, it also tolerates our more inevitable rain well too. Supplied as 30 garden ready plants to be planted straight into your pots or garden borders.