Patriotic Petunia Mix x 12JP

Patriotic Petunia Collection, 12 Jumbo Plugs in 3 Colours.


Autumn Bedding Mix – 120 Pansy & Primroses

Autumn bedding Mix - 120 Pansy & Prims

Coloured Ivies – Pack of 12 x 6cm Pots, 2 Varieties


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Finding year-round foliage colour for mixed planters and baskets, especially for autumn and winter colour, is a significant challenge – but ivies are the perfect foil to many plants. This duo – one a more solid green variety and the other variegated with gold edges – offers the perfect ingredients for hanging baskets, planters and tubs, for foliage interest that will cascade over the sides, providing a contrasting backdrop to any planting scheme. Varieties include: Hedera helix ‘Yellow Ripple’ (Gold) x 6 – a slow-growing, variegated variety, its grey-green leaves having creamy yellow margins. Hedera hibernica (Green) x 6 – a more vigorous variety with broad, 5-lobed leaves, shiny green leaves veined with paler green or cream. Slow growing, trim to shape; they can become the permanent features in tubs year after year, as you change the seasonal colour with them.

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