Flowering Fuchsia Tree


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Fuchsias are one of the most versatile of garden plants; their iconic flower colours and shapes decorating our summer gardens year after year. Voted as the UK’s number one flowering bedding plant by Which Magazine, their beauty is unrivalled! One of the most spectacular types is the tall Fuchsia Tree (or Fuchsia column as some like to call it), where a tall stem has been skilfully grown over the last winter, to get a head start this season. Here we offer you a lovely plant in flower* and bud that will add instant impact and colour to your garden or patio from now until the first frosts of winter. With care and a frost-protected greenhouse, it will over-winter as well to give another gorgeous display. Easily made into classic standard lollipop shape too, you can shape your plant by removing the lower branches at the main stem. Grow on in large pots on the patio or plant out into beds, in full sun locations – feed well to keep flowers coming. Supplied as an established plant, approx. 65-80cm tall in a 19cm pot. (Please note early season deliveries will be towards bottom end of this spec). *Please note that plants are supplied mixed colour so we cannot guarantee the colour that you will receive.