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Pansy Mixed


Everlasting Flower Xerochrysum granvia Gold – Crispy Touch

Everlasting Flower Xerochrysum granvia Gold - Crispy Touch

Samira Verbena Trailing Collection


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‘Samira’ trailing Verbena will make a superb filler for all of your patio displays, giving a full look whatever the shape or size of the container. In fact, many of the very best professional growers specifically use Verbena to give hanging baskets and patio containers a sumptuous, full look that allows them to charge extra! These 4 vigorous varieties have been carefully selected from the best available because of their extraordinary colour range, fantastic flowering displays and the extra-long season the blooms are produced over. The delicate, serrated foliage grows in between all of the other plants in the container and also acts as a perfect foil for any brightly coloured bloomers! The long-lasting flowers open progressively from the bottom of the bloom and work towards the tip over several days so the visual impact is maximized. Varieties Included: Bright Pink, Purple Eye, Pink Twister and Red.

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